Who We Are

Our Vision

We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to making a long-term difference in helping veterans overcome homelessness and mental health challenges, all while honoring the Earth with sustainable building practices and respect for nature. We are implementing programs that empower psychological and physical well-being, provide job skills training and entrepreneurship, and promote environmental stewardship. It is a holistic approach used to impart a sense of self-sufficiency, re-establish pride and brotherhood, and help veterans reintegrate back into society from a place of familiarity and strength.

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Our story begins in 2016 with Mr. Ryan Timmermans, then living in South Carolina, purchasing 50 acres in Carson, New Mexico. Since then, we have accomplished many milestones to help homeless veterans and promote eco-friendly living. Click "view full history" to see the events that have gotten us where we are today as well as current achievements.  
Today I'm proud to announce I graduated from the Earthship Academy in preparation for establishing a national nonprofit ...
A month ago I left South Carolina armed with a signed land purchase contract, my trusty dog Savannah, ...
I began the second step in my journey to create an organization dedicated to helping veterans in need ...

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Our fantastic team of volunteers was brought together from a wide range of diverse backgrounds from veterans and non-veterans, blog writers, designers, consultants, strategists, as well as passionate individuals interested in giving back to veterans and protecting the environment.  
Ryan is the brains of the entire movement. He served in the United States Army specializing in Psychological Operations and has multiple tours to Afghanistan, both as a soldier and contractor, under his belt. After suffering from PTSD with little help from the VA, he established Veterans Off-Grid to help fellow struggling veterans feel the pride of serving.
Jennifer is a writer, yogini, Reiki energy worker, and mother of three boys. She first became involved with Veterans Off-Grid in the Fall of 2017 when she wrote a story about Ryan Timmermans and his mission to help veterans in Taos, New Mexico's blog magazine, LiveTaos.com. Since then she came on board to promote Fundraising and Community Outreach. As a Yoga teacher and Reiki energy adept she is deeply connected with holistic approaches to healing trauma and making a difference for a better world through community, awareness, and sustainability.
Colby is a former United States Marine Corps Corporal specializing in military intelligence. After an honorable discharge, he served as a federal contractor in Afghanistan where he became acquainted with Ryan Timmermans. Following two tours in the sandbox, he lived in Germany for a year to decompress and experience his ancestral heritage. Later, he became employed in Nebraska working for the government; however, he again moved to his home in Kansas City to pursue higher education at Kansas University focusing on environmental studies, sustainability, and project management. With Veterans Off-Grid, Colby serves as content manager, blog writer, and serves on the Board of Directors.
Terry is a member of the Veterans Off-Grid Board of Directors and proud father of Ryan Timmermans, the founder of Veterans Off-Grid. Terry is a Vietnam Veteran who served in the 101st Airborne Division from 1968 to 1969. Upon returning home from the war, he served a 34-year career with IBM until retiring. When Terry isn't enjoying retirement, he supports our non-profit by advising, collaborating with other board members for executive decisions, and establishing input processing procedures and documents to be used for our residents. Furthermore, Terry is a member of the Eastern Carolina Homeless Organization (ECHO).

Our Partners

We're pleased to be working alongside our partners in the fight against veteran homelessness as well as spreading the word about environmental concerns and new ideas on how to serve our veterans and the environment.